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This significant park project established a magnificent bird sanctuary in Thornton, Co.  RMA Group drained an existing lake and reshaped the bottom creating deep fish environments, a large nesting island and restoring the clay lens and springs that form East Lake. Throughout the project, it was imperative that the delicate balance of the existing habitat be maintained at all times.  Water quality and site erosion were carefully maintained during construction.  


RMA Group installed trails, concrete walks, wildlife viewing areas, pedestrian bridges, site furnishings, signage, and natural landscaping.  Numerous sediment and intercept ponds were created that maintain the long term health of the pond by removing silt and salts from the drainage that arrives from the surrounding residential communities.  A 3,600 square foot recycled plastic boardwalk was suspended above the wetlands for wildlife viewing.


Eastlake Reservoir #3

park and Nature Preserve